Creative Team

Clyde Edgerton
Novelist & Playwright

Mike Craver
Composer & Lyricist

Steve Umberger


For the Booth Playhouse/Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
production of
Lunch at the Piccadilly

Mike Craver
Mr. Eli Grayson

Patricia Cucco
Clara Cochran

Greg King
Carl Turnage

Rebecca Koon
Lil Olive

Mary Mossberg

Anna Rhodes

Trip Plymale

L. Ray Flowers

Beau Stroupe

Dr. Ted Sears

Photos from past productions by Donna Bise, Bobby Moody and Norris Greenlee, with the following performers:
Bo Thorp, Phoebe Hall, Patricia L. Cucco, Greg King, Fleur Alys Dobbins, CoCo Sansoni, Duke Ernsberger, Mike Craver,
Trip Plymale, Neal Mayer and Musical Director/Choreographer Amy Jones.


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Production photos:
Donna Bise

Additional production photos:
Norris Greenlee, Bobby Moody