Knee To Knee,

Heart To Heart


July and August, 2015



There is an ongoing need for every community to find new ways to reach out, celebrate and tap into the cumulative wisdom of the emerging senior population, because this is an invaluable resource for younger generations as they move forward in their own journey down life’s byways.


During July and August, senior and junior members of the Charlotte Folk Society (CFS) who love singing songs handed down through the generations, look forward to

spending time with various residents in selected day care centers and retirement communities.  The intention is to swap favorite songs and the stories behind those songs that relate to their formative years. This reflects a key component of the CFS mission in celebrating family and cultural roots through the musical heritage of our communities.  An old-style song circle at each facility will serve as our way to meet residents initially, and then we can meet in smaller groups at the request of individual residents.

The primary way in which the songs will be learned is by a one-on-one (or “knee-to-knee”- a phrase immortalized by award-winning Appalachian storyteller, singer, banjoist, Sheila Kay Adams) method, as done in the days before radio and tape recorders.  The repetition of singing favorite songs within the family unit or community gathering was the main tool for committing lyrics and tunes to memory. This one-on-one learning technique with senior residents is bound to provide the younger singers some insight into why their songs have endured through the generations.


For more information about Knee to Knee contact Karen Singleton.

Community Conversation:
A Coming Of Age


Starting September 22



Aldersgate, a visionary continuing care retirement community, is hosting a series of interactive Community Conversations with leading senior living industry experts to explore the impetus and vision behind evolving practices that create age-friendly communities.


Employing the theme – A Coming of Age – panelists and speakers will engage audiences in discussions that will shape every generation’s future. How can we advance and adopt a multi-generational community model that connects and elevates the access and caliber of resources available and enhances quality of life for all of us as we age? It is an imperative conversation with solutions that will ultimately ensure all of us age comfortably and fulfilled.


Within the Community Conversations, experts will examine how the Charlotte region can make intentional changes – both physical and philosophical – to ensure our aging neighbors are an integral part of the community, receiving the care, resources and social opportunities so needed. Participants will learn about new healthcare models and creative living options that are revolutionizing senior living as we know it.


The first Community Conversation will feature a panel discussion, keynote speech and luncheon held from 9am to 1pm on Tuesday, September 22 at Aldersgate (3800 Shamrock Drive, Charlotte, NC 28215).


For more information/*reservations, please call Amanda Finnen at 704-532-7099.

*Seating is limited.


Photo by Donna BiseTalk Backs



Talk Backs will be held after every Thursday and Friday evening performances of Lunch at the Piccadilly. Here, audience, members have the opportunity to hear from members of the creative team and cast, as well as share their comments and questions.


On Sept 17 and 18, author of the novel and the play, Clyde Edgerton, will speak about the process of developing the show from his novel.


On Sept 24 and 25 and Oct. 1 and 2, director, Steve Umberger, and select cast members will answer questions and hear audience comments about the play. A gerontologist and representatives from Aldersgate will be on hand for discussions on aging-related themes that the musical evokes.

Lunch at the Piccadilly
Book Club



Do you belong to a Book Club or enjoy novels with smart dialogue, pointed satire, laugh-out-loud humor, and idiosyncratic, opinionated characters?  Lunch at the Piccadilly, by best-selling author, Clyde Edgerton, is a perfect pick for any group.


Set in a retirement home in a small, North Carolina town, this novel is a simple tale that brims with compassion, wisdom, and tender observations of the human condition.  The themes of love, duty, family and friendship, examined in the context of growing old, transcend any boundaries of geography or gender.


The book includes a Reader’s Guide, with a conversation with Clyde Edgerton, and reading group questions plus topics for discussion.  Enjoy this novel with your book club, then come see this heart-warming musical, where the dialogue and characters come to life, and the laughter and songs are infectious.


Books are available online through Amazon, and other booksellers, or at the public library.


Groups of 10 or more receive a discount of up to $5 on tickets. If you’d like to bring your Book Club as a group to the musical please contact Diatra Fullwood, Group Sales Manager, at: or 704.507.2369.



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